RCMP issue warning about another phone scam

Watch out for a known telephone scam targeting international students in Canada. This scam was recently reported in Ottawa and London but other cities may be affected too. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. These scams can result in:. If you need to apply for an eTA, be careful when you deal with companies that claim to offer help to get one. Many have websites that charge a fee for information and submitting eTA applications.

Financial Crime Unit

One man has been arrested and Canada-wide warrants have been issued for four other men in connection with online romance scams. The Mounties said they got a call in January from a man who said his name had been used without his knowledge or permission in a fraudulent online transaction. The subsequent investigation linked that fraud to others that had ripped off victims across Canada.

That allowed the Mounties to identify the five suspects, whom police say have ties to an international criminal organization that runs online romance scams.

The most common scams according to the RCMP in included: Romance scams: Fraudsters steal photos and use dating sites and social.

Investigative Correspondent Avery Haines started with the story of a Canadian woman whose online romance turned tragic. Colleen was a year-old woman living in British Columbia and, after leaving her long-term relationship, lost a lot of weight. She was feeling good about herself and started online dating. She met a man named Ryan and the relationship lasted two years. Ryan claimed to work at an oil rig and was paid in cash in a box that needed to be shipped from Turkey.

He asked Colleen if she could just send this money to get the box delivered to her. It went so far that she was bombarded by actors pretending to be ppolice who convinced her she broke the law. She sent Ryan almost one-million dollars. They will meet them on social media usually Instagram or Facebook , or a dating app, and conjure up a romantic relationship with them. The victim will be so in love that they will send the person thousands, and sometimes millions, of dollars.

Depending on how much money scammers can earn, sometimes there can be scammers assigned to the same victim. This is how it works: Someone in a low position in the organization will pay close attention to the targeted victim. They will constantly send messages from morning through to night. The perpetrator will then ask the victim for small amount of money — maybe dollars.

Mid-island residents lose $85K in online dating scam

The scams were conducted over a period of two years. It is believed that the five men are tied to an international criminal organization. After two years of investigation, the FSOC Unit suspected five men of conducting romance scams and being tied to an international criminal organization. The FSOC Unit of the Saskatchewan RCMP was investigating an unrelated fraud complaint in January from an individual, whose name was used without permission and knowledge in a fraudulent transaction online.

In the course of the investigation, they discovered that over 50 Canadian bank accounts were involved in online romance scams. Subsequently, the identified bank accounts were investigated using intelligence-based policing such as a series of surveillance operations, numerous interviews, and the acquisition of several judicial authorizations over the following 18 months.

Romance scams. The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, managed by the RCMP, the Make sure you only use legitimate and reputable dating.

Learning about common types of scams and fraud can help you protect yourself by knowing how to respond in a questionable situation. Scammers may try to steal your identity to access your bank accounts or run up debts in your name. They may ask for money outright, as in charity scams or investment fraud. They may even pretend to be a family member who needs cash right away.

Once you have lost money in a scam, it may be impossible to get it back, even after you report the scam. The best defence is to educate yourself and avoid becoming a victim. Scams, fraud, and identity theft often take place on the internet or through email. Make internet safety a personal priority. This program helps people work together to prevent crime in their neighbourhoods. See their:. For tips on avoiding trouble, see:.

Victims of romance scams reported $19 million lost in 2019

If the fraud has happened outside of Vancouver, you may be reffered to the police in that jurisdiction. If there is not enough evidence for a criminal charge, you may be referred to civil court. All other financial crimes occurring in Vancouver should be reported through the non-emergency number at

According to a media release Thursday from the RCMP, the five men were living in Regina at the time of the scams. Kelvin Awani (RCMP/.

The phone calls involve someone calling from numbers, local numbers and the RCMP toll-free number and saying that there are issues with the individual’s Social Insurance Number SIN. The caller then says the person will be arrested if their personal information is not provided. The callers of these scams say they are calling from a specific federal agency and request the individual’s name, date of birth and SIN.

Police are advising anyone who receives a call asking for their Social Insurance Number, or any personal or financial information, to request a name and a call-back number and verify the institution requesting the information. Anyone who suspects they have been targeted in a phone scam is encouraged to contact their local police, and also the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at Home Police Beat RCMP issue warning about another phone scam The fraudster says the person will be arrested if their personal information is not provided.

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Canada-wide warrant issued for 4 men suspected in ‘multimillion-dollar romance scam’ in Regina

This following information on fraud was prepared to help Canadians recognize, reject and report these scams. Romance fraud scams are done by individuals who create fake profiles on social media and online dating websites with the intention of luring potential victims into online relationships. The goal of the fraudster is to deepen the relationship with their victims to gain their trust and to eventually make financial requests. The financial requests range from:. It is estimated that the actual numbers are much higher.

The RCMP reminds everyone to always exercise caution when looking for a relationship online.

Canadians engaging in online relationships need to be wary of potential romance scams. In , the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre received.

Romance scams are not quite a consumer issue. But they are a particularly heartless type of fraud. They prey on the kindness of people looking for love. These days, typical romance scams begin online. They routinely involve a practice called catfishing , in which someone creates a fake online identity for the purpose of deception and fraud.

Someone who is looking to date finds an appealing profile online on a dating site or app, for example , but the scammer on the other end is not sincerely looking for love. Sometimes the scammer will meet, and go through the motions of a relationship while taking advantage of the victim. Often, however, the scammer will maintain communication without meeting, and build the illusion that a real, emotional relationship is developing. Ultimately, the scammer will ask for money somehow. In September , according to the Star , the Toronto Police arrested five men in connection with a Canada-wide fraud ring.

The charges followed a month investigation. People are vulnerable when they look for love.

RCMP say romance fraudsters scammed $2m from British Columbians in 2018

Every day, millions of people around the world go online looking for love. Whether it’s on dating apps or social media platforms, people meet and fall in love online all the time. Unfortunately, there are fraudsters out there looking to take advantage of people through scams that begin online.

High River RCMP Constable Jill Mills is stressing education this Fraud Romance scams: Fraudsters steal photos and use dating sites and.

With more and more people looking for love online, police caution the best approach is never to give someone money. It started with a Facebook conversation with a stranger, then progressed to Skype exchanges, declarations of affection and promises to meet up in person. With people increasingly looking for love online, RCMP are warning Canadians to protect their wallets as well as their hearts.

The victims are largely in their mids to late 50s, with each gender as likely to fall prey to scams, said Sgt. Guy-Paul Larocque. Louise said they spoke for months before the man asked for money, and even then, it was small amounts, purportedly to help him deal with unexpected expenses related to his exporting business, she said.

Over time, those expenses ballooned and he began asking for tens of thousands of dollar at a time, vowing to reimburse her, she said. The financial loss has meant pushing back retirement, said Louise, adding the bank put limits on her credit. She has also had to leave her home in Fort MacMurray, Alta. The experience has caused Louise tremendous stress and made her far more vigilant online, she said. RCMP said many people who fall prey to such scams are reluctant to report the crime, out of embarrassment or — in the case of older people — out of fear that they will lose independence as concerned family members step in.

That can involve fake social media profiles as well as those on dating sites or apps. Some red flags to watch for include someone professing their love before meeting in person, or claiming to be from the same town but working overseas, which may be a setup to ask for money later, the force said.

RCMP issued warrant for 4 men in alleged ‘multimillion-dollar’ romance scam

RCMP is reminding the public to be cautious when looking for love online. Romance scams continue to be a way for scammers to take advantage of their victims by taking their money. Scammers often create fake social media profiles or online dating sites to gain their victims’ trust before asking for money, usually for an emergency.

How to report it and what to do if you’ve been scammed. A romance scammer uses dating websites, social networking websites or meets in person to defraud.

Neither victim had met the scammer s in person and when they did ask to meet, the individuals vanished. Police say the crimes were hard and expensive lessons to endure. Foreman believes there could well be other victims in the community who may be reluctant to come forward. He also says alert staff members at wire transfer companies in Parksville likely prevented more people from becoming victims.

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